Rigorous Curriculum


Through the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), we make learning relevant and meaningful to students. We build upon previous educational experience, continuing an inquiry-based, integrated curriculum which focuses on the child as a learner. In our classrooms our students learn how to learn. It is the students who ask the questions, explore, assess what they know, and what they want to find out. We use engaging provocations across all disciplines to trigger the students’ curiosities about the world and how it functions. Walking around our school, you’ll notice that the learning at ISHCMC is dynamic, exciting, relevant and conceptually driven.

Each child’s achievements are continually assessed at ISHCMC. Teachers use a variety of assessment techniques ranging from standardized testing to student portfolios and classroom observation. We also focus on attitudes, learning skills, social relationships and effort when looking at the overall development of the child and communicating with parents.


ISHCMC uses a curriculum framework, the MYP, which has used neuroscience and educational research to underpin its guiding principles, to guide students through this period in their life and to keep them engaged with their learning. Through the MYP, we provide a balanced education within a positive, stimulating environment, so that each child can learn and grow to his or her full potential. The MYP starts to develop an understanding of the rigorous learning objectives for each of the eight subject areas while stressing the need for an interdisciplinary approach that links learning to other subjects. Students are encouraged to see the world through inter-connected concepts that lead to a deeper thinking and enduring understanding that can be applied throughout their lives. Our program engages students in creative, critical and reflective thinking and it empowers young people for a lifetime of learning, both independently and in collaboration with others.


Through the IB DP we continue to focus on the all-round growth of our individual students through a complex system of goal setting, assessment data and teacher feedback. We encourage our Diploma students to have balance in their lives and all of them must participate in activities that enable them to demonstrate creativity, activity and service. From years of experience we have found that our Diploma students are extremely well prepared for university because they are independent learners who are able to cope with heavy workloads and the pressure of deadlines. Research shows that IB DP students are more likely to persist through college, have better time management skills and a more positive outlook about their future success than their peers. Through extended pieces of writing, IB DP students have an understanding and appreciation of research, communication and presentation skills that are not present in many other high school students. 

The IB Diploma focuses students on higher order thinking skills that enable them to be critical and creative problem solvers. ISHCMC Diploma students are ready and equipped to debate real world issues from an international perspective and to provide leadership and support in their local and global communities. IB DP students are encouraged to think deeply, synthesize information and then draw their own conclusions. These skills are not only important for their lives at school and university but as adults in the global workplace.