ISHCMC Health Forms

Medical Form
The first form to fill in is Medical Form. This form must be filled in completely before your child is permitted to start ISHCMC. If the form is not completed fully it will be returned to you. The parent/guardian is to fill in page 1 and 2 and a doctor must complete page 3. Please attach a photocopy of your child’s immunisation record to the medical form. In the interest of your child’s/children’s health, the school clinic requires that every three years you take your child for a physical and fill in a new form. The clinic will notify you when it is time to take your child/children for another physical.

Please help us to help your child by ensuring that all information about contact details is up to date in case of an emergency.

Allergy Action Plan
 If your child has any allergies we ask you to please download and print the allergy form, fill it in and return it to the school clinic as soon as possible.

Asthma Information Form
If your child suffers from asthma please download and print this asthma action plan, fill it in and return it to the school clinic.

Medications Brought To School
If your child takes medication that must be administered during school hours, or they have medication that they may only require periodically, but you would like to be kept in the clinic, please download and print the form.

Medical Form for School Excursions
When the students are going away on a school excursion they are required to have this form completed. The teacher organizing the trip will give your child this form, but in case you have lost it you can download and print it here. Again, for your child’s own protection, please take the time to fill this in accurately in case of the unlikely incident of an accident occurring. Pay particular attention that by grade 4 your child has had their rabies vaccination. (See vaccination section on medical health form page 2)