Education does not only happen in the classroom.


After School Activities

The aim of the After School Activities (ASA) programme at International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) in Vietnam is to provide student’s with the opportunity to participate in educational, cultural, recreational and community service extra-curricular activities. The ASA programme is not compulsory at ISHCMC, but it does provide a healthy catharsis from the pressures of study. ASA includes sports, clubs and performing arts after school and on weekends.

There are numerous activities on offer but here are some of the highlights.

ISHCMC Stingrays

The ISHCMC Stingrays are a competitive swim team for students in Grades 2-12. Our team has over 120 students who compete locally throughout the year and have an opportunity to compete internationally once per semester.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations challenges participants to develop solutions to real problems confronting the world today. At MUN conferences student delegates represent different countries in a realistic simulation of United Nations debates. Through involvement in MUN students increase their knowledge and understanding of global problems and develop their skills in research, analysis, collaboration, diplomacy, and public speaking. 

Performing Arts

Concerts and productions are an important part of the life of the school and the curriculum enabling students to become more confident and mature in preparation for higher learning. Performing Arts also encourage students to explore and chase their talents. 


The Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) promotes inter-school activities and competitions for students in the Middle and High Schools. These include sporting tournaments, cultural exchanges and leadership conferences. Students travel to other schools in the region or host visiting students from participating schools.

PTO Saturday Sports

The PTO Saturday Sports program began in 2007 led by a group of volunteer parents committed to providing additional opportunities for ISHCMC children to play sport and enhance skills under the guidance of experienced parent volunteers. Core Values include Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect, and Skill Development.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

CAS is at the heart of our school and is one of the three essential elements in every student’s Diploma Programme experience. It involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies throughout the Diploma Programme.

The three strands of CAS, which are often interwoven with particular activities, are characterized as follows:

Creativity: arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking

Action: physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Service: an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student.