Model United Nations

Model United Nations challenges participants to develop solutions to real problems confronting the world today. At MUN conferences student delegates represent different countries in a realistic simulation of United Nations debates. They prepare and debate resolutions on a wide range of topics in such areas as international relations, human rights, the environment, and economic and social issues. Through involvement in MUN students increase their knowledge and understanding of global problems and develop their skills in research, analysis, collaboration, diplomacy, and public speaking.

MUN is usually offered as an enrichment activity for secondary students. Students who excel may be selected to attend a regional MUN conference for secondary students, MYMUN (Malaysian Model United Nations Conference), held in April in Kuala Lumpur. This is an excellent conference for both experienced and inexperienced delegates. For further information see

In the secondary school there is a student-led ISHCMC Model United Nations club, supported by teacher-advisors. All secondary students are welcome to join the club and participate in training activities and mock debates.

ISHCMC secondary students attend two regional conferences each year: THIMUN Singapore (in November) and UNIS MUN (in February). 

THIMUN Singapore, run by The Hague International Model United Nations, is the largest conference in Asia, attracting more than 1,000 delegates from around the region. ISHCMC high school students have been involved in all aspects of THIMUN Singapore since its inaugural conference in 2005. As well as acting as delegates of UN member states, they have performed roles in the Youth Assembly, the International Court of Justice, the secretariat (as committee chairs), and the press team. For further information on THIMUN Singapore see

UNIS MUN is organized and hosted by the United Nations International School Hanoi and attracts delegates from schools in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. It is a relatively small  conference which gives participants plenty of speaking opportunities. It is an ideal conference for beginners.

Usually there are more applicants than places available at the conferences, and so there are selection processes which may take into account the quality of a student's participation in the MUN club and related activities (such as GIN groups), involvement in past conferences, academic and effort grades, public speaking skills, enthusiasm, and reliability.

MUN is challenging and fun for students who enjoy researching global issues and interacting with other students from schools all over Asia. To be rewarding, it requires a lot of commitment and hard work.