Mindfulness Practice

The ability to quiet your mind and to focus all of your energy on the task at hand is an incredibly powerful tool in life. At ISHCMC, we recognize that today’s students are busier than ever and life doesn’t slow down after school is finished. The latest research shows that daily participation in mindfulness exercises can raise a student’s IQ scores by as much as 10 points. This is why, at ISHCMC, we incorporate mindfulness into our curriculum and every ISHCMC student participates in mindfulness exercises every day.

The benefits of this daily mindfulness training are that our students learn more effectively and think more clearly. They feel more balanced and are able to recognize and handle their emotions better, while skillfully responding to positive and negative situations. It has been proven through studies on the brain that mindfulness practice reliably improves the quality of thought, feeling and concern for others. This not only helps our students to get better academic results now but also helps to give them the skills they need to better manage their busy futures and lead happier lives.