At International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) in Vietnam, parents are encouraged to participate in school life in a variety of capacities. Parental involvement takes many forms: from ensuring that each child is properly prepared for classes each day and demonstrating an active interest in their education, to being involved in the various events and activities that are organised each year.

The Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO) is another way of actively participating in school life. The PTO, comprising both elected parent representatives and school appointees, supports the school in many ways and organizes three major events every year – Celebration of Cultures, International Festival and the Family Fun Night.

Parents are also encouraged to volunteer to participate formally as Classroom Support Parents or Cultural Representatives. These groups allow parents to participate in certain school activities, giving a method for parents to provide direct assistance and be actively involved in daily school life. The PTO also supports to welcome new families, ensuring the transition to ISHCMC is an enjoyable and pleasant one. If you are interested in becoming involved, or just want to know more about the program, please send an email to PTO@ishcmc.edu.vn

Mission Statement
The PTO is committed to supporting the Teachers, Parents and Students through social and education activities and improving a forum for the ideas and concerns of its members within an intercultural community.

Membership is open to all parents/guardians of current ISHCMC students and to all current teachers at ISHCMC

Executive Committee

President - Rebecca Taylor

Vice President - Maya Raz

Secretary - Larissa Harwood

Treasurer - Mirjam Meidinger 

Cultural Representative Coordinator  – Makiko Yamashita 

Classroom Parent Representative Coordinator - Michelle Preston

Classroom Parent Representative Coordinator - Simone Fitzgerald 

Newcomers Representative - Anjana Gomes

Newcomers Representative - Hila Smith

Rhino Hut Booster Club - Line Busk Stehr    

Rhino Hut Booster Club and Canteen Committee - Annette Axelsen

Saturday Sports - Trina Fryer

Saturday Sports - Kerry Urlich