College and University Counselling at International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) in Vietnam

Choosing a university is an exciting and challenging process. It is never too early to begin thinking about where to study after you graduate from ISHCMC.

There are thousands of university options all over the world available to students who graduate from an IB program like ours. To make informed choices, reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and passions. Think about what you want from a university education.

University application processes vary greatly from country to country. Some university systems require students to choose a course of study at the time of application. Others provide more flexibility to explore a variety of courses during university before specializing in a certain subject. Certain university systems make admission decisions based only on IB points predicted and achieved, while others review scores, grades, extracurricular involvement, essays, and teacher references in a holistic approach.

Although it is not possible to document and update everything relating to university admissions in every country, this webpage has been prepared to help ISHCMC students navigate through the process of university admissions. There is information on countries which are popular with ISHCMC students, including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Korea.

Applying to university is ultimately the responsibility of YOU, the student.  While the Counsellor and your parents and teachers can provide general information, guidance and advice, it will be your job to check entry requirements, admission and scholarship procedures, and standardized test registration deadlines. Be sure to check Naviance weekly for updates on university visits and read all email from the Counsellor. Be proactive as you prepare and submit your applications. Meet all required application deadlines.

Students who put a lot of research and effort into choosing a university are more likely to be successful once they arrive at their chosen university destination. Take charge of this exciting process of university research and selection.

For additional information and resources, students and parents can reference the ISHCMC University Manual, available to students as a OneNote file on the school server (and accessible at FOLDERSMS - HS StudentsOneNoteHS Counsellor).