Personal Counselling

International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) counsellor provides students help with personal struggles, emotional growth, and peer relationships.

Please see below a list and brief description of what the high school counselling office provides for our students and parents.

One-on-one personal counselling: The elementary/middle school counsellor and high school counsellors are available for students and parents who need to discuss personal, social, emotional, or family issues that are affecting any of ISHCMC’s students. Students may be referred by teachers or come to the office on their own initiative—parents are asked to make an appointment by contacting the counsellors at:

Academic assistance: The high school counselling office is also a resource for placement in summer programs, administration of the PSAT, registration and preparation for the SAT, assisting students with course adjustment, and providing transcripts and university application support. For more information on this, please see the College and University Counselling page.

Orientation and Transition:  Students and parents new to the ISHCMC community are invited to contact the counsellors with any questions or concerns that arise, both prior to enrollment and once the student has begun attending classes. 

Parents: A number of Parent Coffees are hosted during the course of the school year, addressing issues related to counselling programs such as Parent-Student Communication, Health, University preparation, and other key issues. Parents are encouraged to contact the counsellors if they have a topic they feel needs to be addressed or if they would like to be part of the planning process.