The Arts

The Arts at ISHCMC

The Arts at ISHCMC allow students to inquire and discover more about themselves; express their creativity, and develop a deeper understanding and empathy of other people and environments.

ISHCMC Primary and Secondary Drama Productions allow students to become creative risk-takers, to explore their imagination, step into other people's shoes and stage energized performances. With the guidance and expertise of ISHCMC’s passionate drama educators, students flourish in a constructive environment that encourages each and every student to develop their creative skills.

ISHCMC supports rigorous academics balanced with a strong offering in the Arts. The creative process is a vital skill for students emerging from education into the workplace. Employers are looking more and more for people equipped with a wide range of interpersonal and collaborative skills. ISHCMC students build the lifelong skills and attitudes that they will need for higher education and their career journey through the International Baccalaureate curriculum which offers learning within an authentic context. As a result, students receive a strong academic offering with a focus on the development of the whole child.